LOGBEAR harvesters and forwarders

We are manufacturing forest machines and equipment for roadless forestry thinnings. Our machines are light and agile. Our product line consists of F4000 Forwarder, FH4000 Combi Machine and FG016 Felling Grapple.

The equipment system is flexible and productivity of wood handling can be achieved on significantly low costs. We take a great responsibility and put our effort in engineering, production and after sales actions on better productivity both on the forest and machine contractors.
Our location on the Arctic circle has given excellent surroundings for testing our machines in both deep snow and on swampy grounds.

The Logbear FH 4000 Logging and Rider Tractor is equipped with tracks, which provides good penetration on soft soils. The tractor is suitable for thinning threshing with an average strain of 0.05 tm and for felling timber. The forest felling and harvesting tractor can be moved from underflight mode to overtaking mode for up to 4 hours by one operator. The Keto Forst cutting head is able to process the growing tree with a diameter of 6-30 cm. Cutting head diameter is 25 cm. The three head screwdriver heads are equipped with measuring sensors that allow the use of a strain reduction optimization program. Equipped with a harvester head steering wheel.

Logbear F4000 Specifications:

Dimensions and weight

Trolley width 1960 mm / 2010 mm (for Cranab truck)
Tractor width 1820 mm
Length 6700 … 7350 mm
Height 2750 mm
Tare weight 5100 kg / 5300
Engine and transmission
Engine for the Perkins 804-33T turbodiesel
Power 60 kW / 81.5 hp / 2600 rpm
The torque is 253 Nm / 25.7 kpm / 1600 rpm
Transmission Hydrostatic closed ring
Diff Hydraulic lock, between the various sides and also between the front and rear.
Electrical control, quick on / off
Quick choice 4 vehicles / 2 vehicles
Service brake Closed hydroring also acts as a service brake
Parking brake Neutral lamellar brake
Emergency brake Switches automatically when hydraulic pressure drops below 10 bar or when the diesel engine stops
Power transfer pump 55 cc / r 400 bar (closed ring)
Working speed ca. 8 km / h
Driving speed ca. 16 km / h
Fuel tank 100 l (Fuel consumption 4.5-5 L / h)
Hydraulic oil tank 175 l €
Truck Cranab FC 45
Lifting torque 2100 kpm / 2.1 Tm (net)
Torque 900 kpm / 0.9 Tm
Grab coverage / 6.1 m
Residual length 0.8 m
Grapple area of ​​0.2 m2
Grapple opening 1.04 m
Rotator FR10
Control of the truck Electrically powered 2 propellers
Working hydraulics 190 bar / 120 l / min
Frame lock with 45 degree rotation with hydraulic cylinders
Load area The section of the load area u. 1.9 m2 (possibility of 2.1 m2 reversible front wheel for 3 meter tree)
Front / Escorts Removable / collapsible
Load capacity 4000 kg
Distance Front Forge Backpacks max. 3.8 m
Possibility to transport 2×2 m round material with additional posts
Frame Tracks where balansirides and wheelbarrows are front and rear
Riding wheels in front of a 5 “x8” full mast
Riding wheels at 7.00 “x12” full bulk
Tractor tracks width 510 mm
Trolley tracks are 450 mm or 510 mm wide
The load on the tractor has a specific surface pressure of 140 g / cm2
Load capacity of 460 g / cm2 (450mm trackside)
Front clearance 385 mm
Clearance behind 550 mm
The cabin is equipped with safety glass.
Optional equipment:
Sun visors
Radio / CD player
Air Conditioning
Engine and cabin preheating device